In My Prime

Interactive Video Essay / Installation


Based on the artist's personal experience as a package handler, the video essay / installation presents a personal, audio-visual archive of memories that illustrate the day-to-day of working in a shipping warehouse. The physical and computational environments of the warehouse are deconstructed, extrapolated, and partly reassembled in form and function to become a narrative device, speaking to the realities of (manual) labor in a digital condition.

The audience is invited to use this device, pick up the scanner themselves, and scan the barcodes on the packages in order to trigger one of the 27 recordings of fragmented, spoken memories that inhabit the empty space of the 3D-animated computer model of the warehouse seen in the video.

In My Prime (The Joy of Stacking Packages)

Performance (aprox. 8 min)


The configuration of packages in the installation is renewed on several performative occasions during the time of the exhibition.

The performance takes place approximately 20-30 minutes after the opening of the exhibition each day, except for the last day of the exhibition, when the artist will have quit his job.